[en-uk] CUxD + CULv3 +FHT80b3 - unable to pair

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[en-uk] CUxD + CULv3 +FHT80b3 - unable to pair

Beitrag von thegibs » 30.09.2018, 15:55


Sorry for asking in English outside of the dedicated section, I was told many users would (naturally) not check the Eng section. I really have pain setting up my FHT80b devices.
You may reply in German, I would use Google Translate.

[Update] now that all my housecodes are set according to the documentation (1st byte is the same for CUL + all my FHT80b), I am failing to pair an FHT80 with the CUL.

Here is my hardware environment:
- 7xFHT80b
- 8xFHT8V
- 1xFHT8W (boiler control)
I was relying on an FHZ2000 that I wish to remove for various reasons, so I bought:
- 1xCCU2
- 1xCUL868v3 from Busware to handle FHT devices
- 1xCUL433 to handle Intertechno-compatible devices I already own => works fine

I have removed all my FHT80s from the setup, I only left 1 of them, which code is 0E02. CUL's housecode is 0E01.
From the below log you may read I have emptied the buffer by re-setting the CUL housecode, to have an evidence that the buffer is emptied (T02 => N/A). Then I have set the 'RESYNC' checkbox for my remaining FHT80, so the CUL is trying to send T0E0266FF init command.
However, several minutes later, the command seems to be stuck into the buffer and never being sent.
What am I doing wrong ? (of course I first have set the Cent menu to 'Off', then to 'nA' several minutes later, then I started the below operations).

Code: Alles auswählen

01:16:31 [ttyACM1] <-T T010E01
01:16:36 [ttyACM1] <-T T02
01:16:36 [ttyACM1] --> N/A
01:16:42 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0300A600E9
01:16:44 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0400A600E7
01:16:45 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0700A20020
01:17:16 [ttyACM1] <-- T0E0266FF
01:17:24 [ttyACM1] <-T T02
01:17:24 [ttyACM1] --> 0E02:66FF
01:17:37 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0200A60001
01:18:00 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0800A6001E
01:18:22 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0500A600FE
01:18:25 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0600A60006
01:18:38 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0300A600E7
01:18:41 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0400A600E6
01:18:43 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0700A2001E
01:19:33 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0200A60002
01:19:55 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0800A6001F
01:20:19 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0500A60004
01:20:23 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0600A60005
01:20:35 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0300A600E9
01:20:38 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0400A600E3
01:20:42 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0700A2001E
01:21:29 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0200A60003
01:21:50 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0800A6001E
01:22:17 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0500A60003
01:22:21 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0600A60005
01:22:31 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0300A600EA
01:22:35 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0400A600E3
01:22:40 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0700A2001E
01:23:00 [ttyACM1] <-T T02
01:23:00 [ttyACM1] --> 0E02:66FF
01:23:25 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0200A60000
01:23:42 [ttyACM1] <-T T01
01:23:42 [ttyACM1] --> 0E01
01:23:45 [ttyACM1] --> T0E0800A6001F
01:32:31 [ttyACM1] <-T T02
01:32:31 [ttyACM1] --> 0E02:66FF

Many thanks to all of you having read, even more if you have any thoughts to share here. I'm planning to share the whole setup in English (or French if needed) as I could not find anything.

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Re: [en-uk] CUxD + CULv3 +FHT80b3 - unable to pair

Beitrag von thegibs » 03.10.2018, 22:03

Hi again,

I was so desperate having these FHT commands not being sent, I tried to re-flash my CUL868, this time with the legacy CULV3 firmware. My testing FHT80b sync-ed immediately ! Even though it remained 2 days with Cent=nA.

Is there something wrong with FHT protocol using a-culfw ? I found nothing relevant on the github discussions and fhem forum.

Hope this helps anyone else having trouble with FHT sync.

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Re: [en-uk] CUxD + CULv3 +FHT80b3 - unable to pair

Beitrag von thegibs » 04.10.2018, 16:37


As promised, you may find my setup instructions in English here:



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