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CCU1 not booting firmware after upgrade

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CCU1 not booting firmware after upgrade

Beitragvon arckino » 16.01.2017, 14:20

Hello all,

I have a problem with a CCU1 after I tried to upgrade from the version 1.508 to the last one 1.519

During the update the CCU1 appeared to be hanged with a message "Erasing Flash " on the lcd. After more than 30 minutes I have restarted the unit by pressing the reset button.

Now the unit is blocked in a continous loop in "Booting firmware ..." for aprox 30 seconds and then restarting.

I think that something went wrong on writing the firmware. Is there any way to reflash the unit with the firmware?

thank you,
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Re: CCU1 not booting firmware after upgrade

Beitragvon keuleeule » 30.03.2017, 18:30

Seems even USB connection is not working if you still have "booting with restart"
The CCU2 has a recovery mode, which you can enable with disconnected DC voltage, pressing the rest knop and power the unit up again. the CCU1 does not have this recovery mode as far as I can see in the description. (german/english version)
CCU1 and 2 are able to reboot in recovery mode from the WebUi, but that state you never reach...
Any IPScanner is also not detecting the device in the LAN? Otherwise try to use shell /usr/local/etc/config/rc.d ( I would ask someone here to send over a working table and compare to yours)
And last but least, I would try to ask eQ-3.de if they have ideas...

hpe you get it working, Keuleeule
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