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Every 2-5 days, my access point loses internet connection

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Every 2-5 days, my access point loses internet connection

Beitragvon boskom » 30.08.2017, 21:43


I purchased Homematic IP starter kit and a bunch of additional pieces (thermostats, window sensors, pluggable switches) and everything was working fine for some 7-8 months. In last 2 months, my Homematic IP Access point changes the light color from steady blue to steady yellow every 2-5 days. As long as the status light is yellow it cannot be accessed via mobile app and no push notifications are received. Obviously, it is disconnected from the server. The Access point is connected by LAN cable to my Internet router used by other devices in the house, but they all can access the internet just fine. The only thing that helps is unplugging the power cable from the Access point and plugging it again (unplugging/plugging the LAN cable doesn't help) which reboots the Access point and brings the light to blue (and make it accessible again).
In order to exclude other parts of the equation, I approached my internet provider and exchanged the router, but that didn't help. I also disabled DoS protection on the router but no improvement. Will contact Homematic support this week, was wondering if someone already had similar issues and how did you solve it. Could it be a faulty hardware or something else?

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