Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

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Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

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If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and only want a plug & play solution, Homematic IP is what you should choose. You need to buy an HM IP Access Point (always connected to the cloud) and the HM-IP devices you want to control. There is also an official HM-IP App for iOS and Android available, English User Guide PDF, Amazon Alexa (+ and Google Home) is already integrated and you can create with the new "Automation function" your own scenarios and heat profiles with the App.
Homematic IP Starter Set: ... +set&psc=1 ... G6WE17D53Q


But if you want to go deeper, combine different programs and devices and be also cloud independent !!! Then you should choose "classic" Homematic, here you need as a central - CCU2/CCU3 - or you use RaspberryMatic or piVCCU (faster than CCU2) + wireless module

RaspberryMatic - for classic Homematic:
+ wireless module 868,3/869,525 MHz : ... +raspberry ... usatz.html
RaspberryMatic addon to (auto-)update Raspi system

"classic" Homematic central CCU2 or new CCU3 : ... QXM8XFBPFY ... matic+ccu2


Pro and Cons Homematic vs Homematic IP

"classic" Homematic

• Higher variety of components - Homematic IP, however, is steadily growing
• Homematic wired components for fuse boxes are also offered. Especially for new construction projects, the use of wired components can save a lot of money. Higher reliability of wired components because they are insensitive to radio interference (and no duty cycle)
• Powerful program creation (scripts) on the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU:
• Direct link between devices, devices can still be controlled (also if CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU is off)
• internal Wifi functions still available if the Internet is not working
• High flexibility due to the possibility of installing additional software (e.g. Philips HUE, Sonos, Homekit Siri, Amazon Alexa, …) on the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU
• Homematic IP components can be connted to the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU (!)
• With the latest Firmware "official" Philips HUE integration
• Can be used with 3’rd party overall smart home connectors like ioBroker, Openhab, FHEM, Homee, Home Assistant, …
• Big German fanbase and scripts and knowledge available

• No official Cloud Service available (but you can use cloudmatic for a small fee)
• No official smartphone App, but there are many useful Apps for iOS and Android from independent developers available - see below
• Access from the Internet e.g. for an App to the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU must be done per VPN or cloudmatic.
A port release should not be used for security reasons!
• The design of the devices is less modern than with Homematic IP components
• The system needs a higher training period and can be seen as a small hobby from a certain size - you should definitely have fun and be ready to put time into the project.
• Slow and awkward administration interface of the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU - It cannot be used as a visualization on a tablet. But there are Web and App solutions available
• No new classic Homematic devices due to the fact that Homematic IP device can be added to CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic
• In one room don’t mix Homematic IP and Homematic device because a direct link (see PRO above) is not possible
• Very small English speaking fanbase

Homematic IP
• Official App for Android and iOS (not for Windows Phone)
• Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration
• Easy handling of the App - much more suitable for users who have little desire to work for hours in any details
• Full control over the free (!) Cloud - you do not have to worry about whether you're on your Wi-Fi network or on the other side of the world. The access always works.
• Very simple setup - The central Access Point is simply connected to the router, everything else is done by scanning the QR codes on the devices with the smartphone.
• Modern design
• Own Scenario and heating profiles available
• New products constantly created

• No configuration of the system on the computer possible, the App must be used
• Homematic components cannot be taught to Homematic IP (the other way around possible)
HM-IP cloud still not 100% stable - eQ-3 needs to invest in the servers and in stability
• No Internet, no Cloud, no internal Wifi configuration or control thru App
• No access with other systems to the data of Homematic IP - thus Homematic IP cannot be combined with other systems like ioBroker, Openhab, FHEM, Homee, Home Assistant …☹
• No interface, no individual scripts/programs/Addons possible
• No Apple Homekit Siri, Philips HUE, IFTTT, ... integration/interaction

Homematic IP User Guide PDF English ... &pid=16518

"classic" Homematic - Important Info
Amazon Alexa and VPN Hconnect (use Chrome to translate the page) for 5,95€ per year

VPN and Amazon Alexa connection by cloudmatic for 22,95€ per year (use Chrome to translate the page)

Homematic Link Collection for Beginners (read it !! it's in German but so important - use Chrome to translate the page)

Homematic manuals (check also the "Brochure" - Download-Type for a good overview)

Apps for iOS:
• @Home
• pocket control HM
• HomeControl
• homeNOW
• LiVo
• …

Android Apps:
• TinyMatic
• Home24
• homeNOW
• …

CUx-Daemon Addon – *MotherOfAllHmAddons* - an universal interface between the HomeMatic CCU logic layer (ReGaHSS) and third-party (EnOcean, M-Bus, 1-Wire, ArtDMX, etc.) and virtual devices - *must* basic for most Addons

CCU-Protect Addon (use Chrome to translate the page)

Virtual Interface Addon (Many many plugins like HUE, Sonos, NetAmo, LogitechHarmony, ..)

Philips HUE Addon:

Homebridge (Siri/Homekit) Addon: - e.g. additional Raspi is necessary

Homegear Addon:

Webmatic Addon: (nicer Web surface than the original WebUI)

Sonos Addon:

CCU VPN-AddOn: (use Chrome to translate the page)

CCU Historian Addon:

CUxD-Highcharts Addon:
Step by Step (use Chrome to translate the page)

Smartphone WLAN Presence Addon (e.g. to activate the camera or alarm when you off):

E-Mail Addon

Watchdog Addon (CCU Addon implementing a watchdog functionality to restart certain services if they are identified to have crashed...)

HM Tools for RaspberryMatic

Service Message *allinclusive* Script (use Chrome to translate the page)

Expert mode Devconfig (use Chrome to translate the page)

Print Programs Addon

HM Script Parser Addon

XML-API CCU Addon (A HomeMatic CCU Addon implementing a xml request functionality as an interface to all homematic deviced available to a CCU device)

!!! Important Duty Cycles Scripts !!! - (use Chrome to translate the page)
From the Forum: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=35097#p335489
Detailed from technikkram: ... n-tun-kann
Quick&Dirty from homematic-guru: ... e-anzeigen

German Homematic Video Tutorials: ... h-jaVvyKeq

Step-by-Step in English: Send PUSH Message to your Phone for Telegram App:
Pushover App: (use Chrome to translate the page) ... e-schicken
iOS Homematic App @Home (use Chrome to translate the page) ... richtigung
iOS pocket control HM (use Chrome to translate the page) ... ungen.html

Wake-on-LAN (for PC, NAS, ...)
1. Install CUxD Addon
2. Create a new Programm on the CCU2/RaspberryMatic with Code:
string stderr;
string stdout;
string wake;
wake = "/usr/local/addons/cuxd/extra/ether-wake -Your MAC-Adress";
system.Exec(wake, &stdout, &stderr);


German Source: ... s-richtige
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Re: Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

Beitrag von Sergo » 04.02.2018, 10:50

that is excellent summary! Many thanks!

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Re: Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

Beitrag von tomi_cc16 » 04.02.2018, 17:35

Thank you - I hope it will help newbies & english speaking people

I also added some Important Duty Cycles Scripts for classic homematic


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