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Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

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Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

Beitragvon tomi_cc16 » 05.01.2018, 22:11


If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and only want a plug & play solution, Homematic IP is what you should choose. You need to buy an HM IP Access Point (always connected to the cloud) and the HM-IP devices you want to control. There is also an official HM-IP App for iOS and Android available, English User Guide PDF, Amazon Alexa (+ and Google Home) is already integrated and you can create with the new "Automation function" your own scenarios and heat profiles with the App.
Homematic IP Starter Set:
https://www.amazon.de/Homematic-IP-Star ... +set&psc=1
https://www.amazon.co.uk/HomeMatic-Star ... G6WE17D53Q


But if you want to go deeper, combine different programs and devices and be also cloud independent !!! Then you should choose "classic" Homematic, here you need as a central - CCU2/CCU3 - or you use RaspberryMatic or piVCCU (faster than CCU2) + wireless module

RaspberryMatic - for classic Homematic:
+ wireless module 868,3/869,525 MHz :
https://www.amazon.de/HomeMatic-Funkmod ... +raspberry
https://www.elv.de/homematic-funkmodul- ... usatz.html
RaspberryMatic addon to (auto-)update Raspi system

"classic" Homematic central CCU2 or new CCU3 :
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Homematic-Zent ... QXM8XFBPFY
https://www.amazon.de/HomeMatic-103584- ... matic+ccu2


Pro and Cons Homematic vs Homematic IP

"classic" Homematic

• Higher variety of components - Homematic IP, however, is steadily growing
• Homematic wired components for fuse boxes are also offered. Especially for new construction projects, the use of wired components can save a lot of money. Higher reliability of wired components because they are insensitive to radio interference (and no duty cycle)
• Powerful program creation (scripts) on the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU:
• Direct link between devices, devices can still be controlled (also if CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU is off)
• internal Wifi functions still available if the Internet is not working
• High flexibility due to the possibility of installing additional software (e.g. Philips HUE, Sonos, Homekit Siri, Amazon Alexa, …) on the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU
• Homematic IP components can be connted to the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU (!)
• With the latest Firmware "official" Philips HUE integration
• Can be used with 3’rd party overall smart home connectors like ioBroker, Openhab, FHEM, Homee, Home Assistant, …
• Big German fanbase and scripts and knowledge available

• No official Cloud Service available (but you can use cloudmatic for a small fee)
• No official smartphone App, but there are many useful Apps for iOS and Android from independent developers available - see below
• Access from the Internet e.g. for an App to the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU must be done per VPN or cloudmatic.
A port release should not be used for security reasons!
• The design of the devices is less modern than with Homematic IP components
• The system needs a higher training period and can be seen as a small hobby from a certain size - you should definitely have fun and be ready to put time into the project.
• Slow and awkward administration interface of the CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic/piVCCU - It cannot be used as a visualization on a tablet. But there are Web and App solutions available
• No new classic Homematic devices due to the fact that Homematic IP device can be added to CCU2/CCU3/RaspberryMatic
• In one room don’t mix Homematic IP and Homematic device because a direct link (see PRO above) is not possible
• Very small English speaking fanbase

Homematic IP
• Official App for Android and iOS (not for Windows Phone)
• Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration
• Easy handling of the App - much more suitable for users who have little desire to work for hours in any details
• Full control over the free (!) Cloud - you do not have to worry about whether you're on your Wi-Fi network or on the other side of the world. The access always works.
• Very simple setup - The central Access Point is simply connected to the router, everything else is done by scanning the QR codes on the devices with the smartphone.
• Modern design
• Own Scenario and heating profiles available
• New products constantly created

• No configuration of the system on the computer possible, the App must be used
• Homematic components cannot be taught to Homematic IP (the other way around possible)
HM-IP cloud still not 100% stable - eQ-3 needs to invest in the servers and in stability
• No Internet, no Cloud, no internal Wifi configuration or control thru App
• No access with other systems to the data of Homematic IP - thus Homematic IP cannot be combined with other systems like ioBroker, Openhab, FHEM, Homee, Home Assistant …☹
• No interface, no individual scripts/programs/Addons possible
• No Apple Homekit Siri, Philips HUE, IFTTT, ... integration/interaction

Homematic IP User Guide PDF English
http://www.eq-3.com/service/downloads.h ... &pid=16518

"classic" Homematic - Important Info
Amazon Alexa and VPN Hconnect (use Chrome to translate the page) for 5,95€ per year

VPN and Amazon Alexa connection by cloudmatic for 22,95€ per year (use Chrome to translate the page)

Homematic Link Collection for Beginners (read it !! it's in German but so important - use Chrome to translate the page)

Homematic manuals (check also the "Brochure" - Download-Type for a good overview)

Apps for iOS:
• @Home
• pocket control HM
• HomeControl
• homeNOW
• LiVo
• …

Android Apps:
• TinyMatic
• Home24
• homeNOW
• …

CUx-Daemon Addon – *MotherOfAllHmAddons* - an universal interface between the HomeMatic CCU logic layer (ReGaHSS) and third-party (EnOcean, M-Bus, 1-Wire, ArtDMX, etc.) and virtual devices - *must* basic for most Addons

CCU-Protect Addon (use Chrome to translate the page)

Virtual Interface Addon (Many many plugins like HUE, Sonos, NetAmo, LogitechHarmony, ..)

Philips HUE Addon:

Homebridge (Siri/Homekit) Addon: - e.g. additional Raspi is necessary

Homegear Addon:

Webmatic Addon: (nicer Web surface than the original WebUI)

Sonos Addon:

CCU VPN-AddOn: (use Chrome to translate the page)

CCU Historian Addon:

CUxD-Highcharts Addon:
Step by Step (use Chrome to translate the page)

Smartphone WLAN Presence Addon (e.g. to activate the camera or alarm when you off):

E-Mail Addon

Watchdog Addon (CCU Addon implementing a watchdog functionality to restart certain services if they are identified to have crashed...)

HM Tools for RaspberryMatic

Service Message *allinclusive* Script (use Chrome to translate the page)

Expert mode Devconfig (use Chrome to translate the page)

Print Programs Addon

HM Script Parser Addon

XML-API CCU Addon (A HomeMatic CCU Addon implementing a xml request functionality as an interface to all homematic deviced available to a CCU device)

!!! Important Duty Cycles Scripts !!! - (use Chrome to translate the page)
From the Forum: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=35097#p335489
Detailed from technikkram: https://technikkram.net/2017/08/homemat ... n-tun-kann
Quick&Dirty from homematic-guru: https://homematic-guru.de/quicktipp-hom ... e-anzeigen

German Homematic Video Tutorials:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5myDgVQ ... h-jaVvyKeq

Step-by-Step in English: Send PUSH Message to your Phone for Telegram App:
Pushover App: (use Chrome to translate the page)
https://www.technikkram.net/2017/07/hom ... e-schicken
iOS Homematic App @Home (use Chrome to translate the page)
https://www.technikkram.net/2016/03/hom ... richtigung
iOS pocket control HM (use Chrome to translate the page)
https://penzler.de/phAnleitung/Anleitun ... ungen.html

Wake-on-LAN (for PC, NAS, ...)
1. Install CUxD Addon
2. Create a new Programm on the CCU2/RaspberryMatic with Code:
string stderr;
string stdout;
string wake;
wake = "/usr/local/addons/cuxd/extra/ether-wake -Your MAC-Adress";
system.Exec(wake, &stdout, &stderr);


German Source: https://www.technikkram.net/2016/06/hom ... s-richtige
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Re: Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

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that is excellent summary! Many thanks!
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Re: Basics: Differences Homematic IP vs Homematic in English

Beitragvon tomi_cc16 » 04.02.2018, 17:35

Thank you - I hope it will help newbies & english speaking people

I also added some Important Duty Cycles Scripts for classic homematic
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