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Logging data

Beitragvon blueznl » 26.12.2017, 20:52

I'm a little surprised there seems to be no 'standard' function to log data, so some work is required.

Does anyone have a good suggestion of keeping a log of certain data?

Here's what I want to do:

- log temperature a radiator valve (2x)
- log valve position of a radiator valve (2x)
- log a switch position (city heating main valve, open / close) (1x)
- log power (switching actuator) (3x)

I currently also deploy a 'BeeClear' gadget, a small box reading data from the energy company's meter, and would like to match some individual meter data with the results of the BeeClear box, as well as do some further optimizing to reduce energy usage.

I need a relatively detailed logging, approx. 3000 data points per object, per day

What is the best way to approach this?

It's not a permanent solution, so if I would have to keep my PC running for a day or two that is fine. I'm a little reluctant to install all sorts of other software on the CCU2, as any downtime will leave me with a very cold house :-) but that is acceptable too if it's the best solution :-)

Any suggestions?
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Re: Logging data

Beitragvon Homoran » 26.12.2017, 20:58

Did you ever hear about ioBroker?
The nederlands forum is not really good supportet, but we do our best ;-)

You can log nearly all you want:
Here are my ioBroker server's data

just because i had it at hand ;-)

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Re: Logging data

Beitragvon blueznl » 26.12.2017, 21:37

I can actually tell you that I had a look at IObroker some time ago. I'll have another look at it (if it is easy to install and run it might be interesting as a more flexible alternative to the CCU2).

Which still doesn't invalidate my question, as I also want to know what is the beast / easiest solution for the CCU2 :D
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Re: Logging data

Beitragvon blueznl » 10.03.2018, 22:17

Well, answering my own question: the solution was pretty simple. Just put in an SD card... :oops:

It's not perfect but good enough for now.
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Re: Logging data

Beitragvon Sven_A » 13.03.2018, 13:58

Sorry, didn't see your post before.
I use ccu-historian, let it run on an old rasperry 2. WebUI is f*** slow on the small raspbi, but, it works, and i just want to check some singe every other week. Installing is really easy, just a few settings in a txt-config-file, fire it up, all good.
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