Redmatic Addon = Node-RED + WebApp + HomeKit + Alexa + Dashboard + Node.js ...

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Redmatic Addon = Node-RED + WebApp + HomeKit + Alexa + Dashboard + Node.js ...

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RedMatic combines several software components into one CCU Addon, software package that can be easily installed on a Homematic CCU3 or RaspberryMatic as additional software via the WebUI.
The basis is Node-RED with the CCU nodes for Node-RED. This makes it possible to implement rules, automations, scripts and connections of external services and systems for a Homematic system in a simple, visual way - and this largely without any programming knowledge. The wiki has more information about Node-RED and some usage examples (called Flows).
In addition, RedMatic WebApp and Node-RED Dashboard are included; with this user interfaces for mobile devices and the browser can be created easily (example screenshots).
RedMatic is only suitable for the CCU3 and RaspberryMatic. It cannot be used on the CCU2 or lower.
For the use of the CCU Nodes a modern browser is necessary, the Internet Explorer is not supported.

Under Releases the file redmatic- <version> .tar.gz is available for download. After installing the Addon via the Homematic WebUI (Control Panel -> Addon Software) and the necessary reboot of the CCU, Node-RED can be reached at http://<ccu-addresse>/addons/red. Patience is required during installation, it can take up to 10 minutes. Some sample flows and a simple dashboard are already preconfigured, the dashboard is accessible at http://<ccu-addresse>/addons/red/ui.

Alexa works locally with Node-Red see e.g. this video

Or more complex command with the Node-Red Alexa Skill:

More Info:

An Overview of other Addons and Tools for the CCU / RaspberryMatic can be found here:


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