Homematic HMIP-BWTH and heating floor at 40ºC

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Homematic HMIP-BWTH and heating floor at 40ºC

Beitrag von soyxan » 14.01.2022, 10:22


I have purchased several HMIP-BWTH wall thermostats with an Access Point to replace my old bi-metallic thermostats in each room. The HMIP-BWTH thermostats have a PWM output that will open/close a 230VAC valve connected to the thermostat output. They are working fine in manual/auto (they keep the temperature) but I have enabled the "Optimum start/stop function" and it is not working as expected.

My heat flow is around 40ºC, so my first question is how should I define my heating system in the app:
  1. Standard
  2. Low Energy
Can I tweak the system somehow to get better results?

Thanks in advance!


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