Basics: Push message for Homematic with Telegram App

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Basics: Push message for Homematic with Telegram App

Beitrag von tomi_cc16 » 04.01.2017, 19:23

There is a good documentation in German how to create a Push message to your Smart Phone:
Original creator: ... -versenden
Or youtube video [German]:

Here the english translation how to do it in 5min:

First Create Telegram Bot

To access the Api, an API key is required. This requires the following steps:
1. Install Telegram app on your smartphone
2. Click the magnifier icon in the upper right corner and search for the BotFather contact
3. Start a conversation with BotFather, you should get an overview of all commands directly
4. Use /newbot to create a new bot
5. a name for the bot is asked, simply how you want to name your bot
6. Now you will be asked for a new user name, also create a user name
7. Now the bot responds with the API key or API token (from now referred as <API_KEY>)
8. Now another <CHAT_ID> is required, preferably log on to the computer via and search for the bot. The username of the bot from step 6 is used for this. If you found him, you start a conversation by typing something to the bot !!!(very important)!!!.
9. Now take this link address _<API_KEY>/getUpdates .
Use the same browser window or tab, in which the chat was started with the bot in the previous step.
Please copy the URL manually and replace <API_KEY> with your key from step 7. An "id" can be taken from the answer in the last line. This is our <CHAT_ID>. The result should look something like this:


10. Now the finished URL can be created. Please replace your <API_KEY> and your <CHAT_ID> in the following URL:
11. _<API_KEY>/sendMessage?chat_id=<CHAT_ID>&text=<Your_message>
12. After calling the page, you should get a message to the mobile phone and the message <Your_message> should have arrived. In the browser, the answer should look like this:


Please note that SSL (= https: //) is mandatory. This encrypts the API key and your message during transport.

If there are problems, try again to compare your URL with this example:

Than Configuration of the CCU2 program

There are many scenarios now that you can create a PUSH messsage for. We will provide a simple example where a PUSH message is sent when a door is opened.

1. Create a new program via Programs and Shortcuts -> Program Creation & Center Shortcuts -> New
2. Add trigger condition
3. Script is selected as activity and then click “Create script” next to it
4. The script is followed by the following: <API_KEY>, <CHAT_ID> and <Your_message>.

string stderr;
string stdout;
string url="\"<API_KEY>/sendMessage?chat_id=<CHAT_ID>&text=<Your_message>\"";
system.Exec("wget --no-check-certificate -q -O - "#url, &stdout, &stderr);

6. The finished program should look something like this:
7. A click on error check should return "No Error"
8. Two clicks on OK Save the program and it can be tested now, just open the door ;-)

I hope for you it works perfectly. Basically, there are other push services/apps that can be used instead e.g. @Home, Prowl, ...
Pushover App: (use Chrome to translate the page) ... e-schicken
iOS Homematic App @Home (use Chrome to translate the page) ... richtigung
iOS pocket control HM (use Chrome to translate the page) ... ungen.html

Homematic Link Collection for Beginners (read it !! it's in German but so important - use Chrome to translate the page)
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Re: Push message for Homematic CCU with Telegram app

Beitrag von NotAnother » 17.01.2017, 22:43

Thank you, that is very useful info! I've thought about something like that for some time now, but you've saved me a lot of researching!

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Re: Push message for Homematic CCU with Telegram app

Beitrag von Sergo » 02.11.2017, 10:03

that is very interesting, thanks a ton!


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