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Re: Homematic / HomematicIP Product Overview

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All Homematic IP-Products - Status 12.02.2019

HMIP-ASIR, HMIP-ASIR-B1 (Alarm Siren - indoor)
HMIP-ASIR-O (Alarm Siren - outdoor)
HMIP-BBL (Blind Actuator for brand switches)
HMIP-BDT (Dimming Actuator for brand switches)
HMIP-BRC2 (Remote Control for brand switches – 2x channels)
HMIP-BROLL (Shutter Actuator - brand-mount)
HMIP-BSL (Switch Actuator for brand switches – with signal lamp)
HMIP-BSM (Brand Switch and Meter actuator)
HMIP-BWTH (Wall Thermostat Display with switching output – for brand switches, 230V)
HMIP-BWTH24 (Wall Thermostat Display with switching output – for brand switches, 24V)
HMIP-DBB (Doorbell Push-Button)
HMIP-eTRV, HMIP-eTRV2, HMIP-eTR,V-B HMIP-eTRV-B1 (Heating-thermostats with Display)
HMIP-eTRV-2-UK (Heating-thermostat for UK)
HMIP-eTRV-C (Heating-thermostat compact without display)
HMIP-FAL230-C6 (Floor Heating Actuator – 6x channels, 230V)
HMIP-FAL230-C10 (Floor Heating Actuator – 10x channels, 230V)
HMIP-FAL24-C6 (Floor Heating Actuator – 6x channels, 24V)
HMIP-FAL24-C10 (Floor Heating Actuator – 10x channels, 24V)
HMIP-FBL (Blind Actuator - flush-mount)
HMIP-FCI1 (Contact Interface flush-mount – 1x channel)
HMIP-FCI6 (Contact Interface flush-mount – 6x channels)
HMIP-FDT (Dimming Actuator - flush-mount)
HMIP-FROLL (Shutter Actuator - flush-mount)
HMIP-FSM (Switch Actuator and Meter – flush-mount)
HMIP-FSM16 (Switch Actuator and Meter 16A – flush-mount)
HMIP-KRCA (Key Ring Remote Control & alarm)
HMIP-KRC4 (Key Ring Remote Control - 4x buttons)
HMIP-MIOB (Multi IO Box for floor heating & cooling)
HMIP-MOD-OC8 (Open Collector Module Receiver - 8x)
HMIP-MOD-RC8 (Open Collector Module Sender - 8x)
HMIP-MOD-TM (Garage Door Module for Novoferm and Tormatic door operators)
HMIP-MP3P (Combination Signalling Device MP3)
HMIP-PCBS (Switch Circuit Board - 1x channel)
HMIP-PCBS2 (Switch Circuit Board - 2x channels)
HMIP-PCBS-BAT (Switch Circuit Board with Battery - 1x channel)
HMIP-PDT (Plugable Dimmer)
HMIP-PDT-UK (Plugable Dimmer UK Version)
HMIP-PMFS (Plugable Power Supply Monitoring)
HMIP-PS (Plugable Switch)
HMIP-PSM (Plugable Switch Measuring - Type F Standard for Homematic)
HMIP-PSM-CH (Plugable Switch Measuring Switzerland - Type J)
HMIP-PSM-IT (Plugable Switch Measuring Italy - Type L)
HMIP-PSM-PE (Plugable Switch Measuring - Type E)
HMIP-PSM-UK (Plugable Switch Measuring UK - Type G)
HMIP-RC8 (Remote Control - 8x buttons)
HMIP-RCB1 (Remote Control - 1x button)
HMIP-SAM (Acceleration Sensor)
HMIP-SLO (Light Sensor - outdoor)
HMIP-SMI (Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor - indoor)
HMIP-SMI55 (Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor and Remote Control - 2x buttons)
HMIP-SMO, HMIP-SMO-A (Motion Detector with Brightness Sensor - outdoor)
HMIP-SPI (Precence Sensor - indoor)
HMIP-SRH (Window Rotary Handle Sensor)
HMIP-STH (Temperature and Humidity Sensor without display - indoor)
HMIP-STHD (Temperature and Humidity Sensor with display - indoor)
HMIP-STHO (Temperature and Humidity Sensor - outdoor)
HMIP-STHO-A (Temperature and Humidity Sensor – outdoor, anthracite)
HMIP-SWD (Water Sensor)
HMIP-SWDO (Shutter Contact)
HMIP-SWDO-I (Shutter Contact Invisible)
HMIP-SWDM (Door / Window Contact - magnetic)
HMIP-SWDM-B2 (Door / Window Contact - magnetic)
HMIP-SWO-B (Weather Sensor)
HMIP-SWO-PL (Weather Sensor – Plus)
HMIP-SWO-PR (Weather Sensor – Pro)
HMIP-SWSD (Smoke Detector)
HMIP-WGC (Garage Door Button)
HMIP-WHS2 (Switch Actuator for heating systems – 2x channels)
HMIP-WRC2 (Wall-mount Remote Control - 2x buttons)
HMIP-WRC6 (Wall-mount Remote Control - 6x buttons)
HMIP-WTH, HMIP-WTH-2 (Wall Mounted Thermostat Pro with Display)


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