URL Request to control any CCU or Raspberrymatic devices

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URL Request to control any CCU or Raspberrymatic devices

Beitrag von tomi_cc16 » 25.09.2019, 18:57

Here a short - How-To:

The best would be to download e.g. the Homematic Manger to find out which HM or HmIP device and which state you want to change:


1.JPG (21.82 KiB) 364 mal betrachtet
E.g. the HM-LC-Sw1-DR which I use to control my floor light.
So I need BidCos-RF.MEQ1564932

Than which value you want to change e.g. in my case value "State"

true - Light On
false - Light OFF

And now you can build your URL to control the device:

Code: Alles auswählen

!!! The computer or server "IP" you want to use to control the CCU or RaspberryMatic devices needs to be added in the Firewall of your CCU / RaspberryMatic before !!!

Homematic Device: BidCos-RF
Homematic Wired Device: BidCos-Wired
CuxD Device: CUxD
Homematic IP Device: HmIP-RF
Homematic IP Wired Device: HmIP-Wired


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