What initiates WHS2?

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Re: What initiates WHS2?

Beitrag von omicronCZ » 01.04.2020, 20:52

Sergo hat geschrieben:
26.01.2020, 12:53
I dont know if IP app allows to dig so deep, but officially recommended config for WHS2 (via CCU) is
This will never "leave" device" in ON position, if there is no demand.
Hi Sergo,

I will be doing a new heating control in the house where there are radiators (WTH-20 thermostats and eTRV-C radiator heads) and also floor heating.

So far I have done such control with the help of the HM program, where I checked the opening of the radiator heads (thermostats), and accordingly switched on the boiler and the pump (via the potential-free contact of the multi-channel HM switch). Usually I turned on the boiler when opening a valve to about 8-10%. With the last valve closed, the boiler and pump were switched off again.

I did the same with underfloor heating, where I opened / closed individual heating loops with standard electrothermal head (NC) in the manifold, again with a multi-channel HM switch. And again HM program.

Now I want to use FALMOT for underfloor heating, and MIOB (very simillary WHS2) for boiler and pump control. Without HM program.

For underfloor heating in CCU3 I create direct connections between FALMOT channels and thermostats (WTH-2), FALMOT turns on the boiler and pump via MIOB.

It will be controlled automatically without the otherwise necessary HM program, right?

But I don't know how for radiator heating if I want to use MIOB (or WHS2)?
Do you state above (if I understand correctly) that a direct connection is established between the wall thermostat (WTH) and MIOB?
Why shouldn't such a direct connection be made between a radiator thermostat (head) and MIOB? Or does the information of the below open valve go to MIOB via a wall thermostat?

Again without the need for an HM program? MIOB knows that any radiator valve requires switching on the boiler?

Thanks Petr


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