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Why did you choose Homematic (IP) in your country?

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Re: Why did you choose Homematic (IP) in your country?

Beitragvon tomi_cc16 » 07.02.2018, 16:45


FYI - I think until now eq3 did not translated this into english.

But did you checked the Add-on?

What I found for the extrnal Smart Home Automation System - Home Assistant - here somebody translated/included some points:

But we should discuss the details of XML-API in a "new/other" thread to not mix topics.


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Re: Why did you choose Homematic (IP) in your country?

Beitragvon Sergo » 11.02.2018, 12:50

What I'm missing is (and actually blocking from use), in order of priority:
HomeMatic WebUI Handbuch
HomeMatic Skript Teil 1 Sprachbeschreibung
HomeMatic XML-RPC-Schnittstelle
Complete absence of tutorials also does not appear inviting for newbies

And I cant find any of those documents in English :(
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Re: Why did you choose Homematic (IP) in your country?

Beitragvon sekino » 11.02.2018, 20:29

Country: Slovakia

Ordering from amazon.de

Homematic-ip :

+ ease of setup and use.
+ fair price for components.
+ wireless (no space for additional cabling)
+ must support radiator valves
+ easily programmable

- no web UI
- small automation possibilities via mobile app
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Re: Why did you choose Homematic (IP) in your country?

Beitragvon Neven » 23.02.2018, 00:16

Country : Austria

Device : Homematic CCU2

I'm actually from Croatia but moved to Austria 4 years ago. My german is already rather good for everyday use but writing (especially for technical purposes like here) is still preferred in english ;)


- modularity , the fact you can find any device for almost any use or combination
- radio / cable operated - really not a fan of IP / network solutions and prefer stuff that works even if internet goes out
- open source - the amount of scripts and workaround solutions I've seen from other users is incredible
- very reliable - so far in 2 years not a single glitch in operation, even without regular updating


- lack of documentation - must be hard even for native german users , for me it was crazy in the beginning
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