Setting virtual buttons - possible or not ?

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Re: Setting virtual buttons - possible or not ?

Beitrag von Neven » 27.02.2018, 21:57

@ Familienvater - found it , all done ! In the meantime I managed the same thing with 2 programs, one for long press, other one for short... but direct connection is much better and cleaner way to do it. In any case thanks for your patence and help.

@ tomi_cc16 - very interesting read about cuxd , opens up a lot more possibilities with homematic. Thanks for the tip. If only there was a book on HM in english :)

Last question, although more of "cosmetic" nature and not so important but still ... is there a way to manually arrange devices in a room (up / down on the list). Right now they are in alphabetical order , and somehow it seems stupid to use numbering to reorder them. Any way that can be changed ?

Cheers guys !


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