HmIP Wired preparations?

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HmIP Wired preparations?

Beitrag von D-K » 23.06.2018, 12:52

Hi all

I am looking at HmIP Wired system for our Apartment currently under construction, ready to occupy by mid-2019. Standard electrical lines will be laid out from end of July, 2018.
I know that HmIP Wired isn't available until Q4/2018, but can I be prepared with the necessary wiring beforehand?

I would really appreciate if someone has more information about HmIP Wired and can help me understand what to consider with the electrical planning in the Apartment.
Thank you.

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Re: HmIP Wired preparations?

Beitrag von tomi_cc16 » 27.06.2018, 18:47


You can use HM IP wired with the HM IP Access Point (cloud) or the new CCU3 (Q4 2018), also Raspberrymatic or PiVCCU.

Use Chrome to translate this page: ... tenpreisen

And here a pdf: ... _April.pdf

In General if you have for every light, every plug, ... an own wire into your fuse box and a lan cable than you can seperatly control it with HM IP wired.


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