Basics: How to extend the wireless range for Homematic and Homematic IP

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Basics: How to extend the wireless range for Homematic and Homematic IP

Beitrag von tomi_cc16 » 11.09.2018, 13:14

For the Homematic devices there is currently only a Homematic LAN gateway (HM-LGW-O-TW-W-EU) available that you can connect thru the LAN network with the CCU. So you can bring reception in distant corners if you have a LAN cable that is connected to your network available there. This is not a repeater but the HM device talks directly to the LAN gateway and from there via the network to the CCU - everything explained here in the video (german).

There was also once a Homematic Repeater (HM-Sys-sRP-PI) sold but it’s not in production anymore.
Before the Lan gateway there was the Homematic LAN configuration adapter (HM-CFG-LAN), it’s also no longer sold, which could be convert to a repeater (ca be found on German Ebay Kleinanzeige for about 35€). Instructions for repeater activation here in the forum:

You can also build your own Homematic Lan Gateway with RaspberryMatic and HM-MOD-RPI-PCB just put it on LAN gateway mode.

There is already a first solution from Jerome to convert the old CCU2 into a HM Lan gateway because officially not supported yet:

Homematic-IP devices there exists no HMIP Lan-Gateway until now (But the HMIP Cloud Access Point will soon get a firmware update to become HMIP LAN-Gateway for the CCU3).
The Homematic IP Switching Plug Socket (HMIP-PSM and HMIP-PS) can be activated in the CCU as a repeater for Homematic IP devices.
Routing active
With this option, the device tries to communicate with the repeater as soon as it can not reach the receiver directly. The routing function can be activated, for example, with the Homematic IP Switching Measuring and Switching Sockets with up-to-date firmware.

And you can of course build a better antenna to the CCU2 or CCU3 : ... er-antenne


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