teach in problems wall thermostat

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teach in problems wall thermostat

Beitrag von Remko » 11.09.2018, 19:50

Hi All,

Today I received a 2nd wall thermostat which is going to control my floor heating in the kitchen.
Teaching doesn't seem to work… Please advice, probably i'm doing something wrong...

It's an homematic IP thermostat (HmIP-WTH-2).
It should be teached in in the CCU.

I tried both possibilities:

1.press 'teach in hmIP device' and then press button on device. Device says 'pairing'. Screen is counting down from 60 to 0 seconds. No result, device not present

2. type in Key and SGTIN, with and without '-'. Also no respond

Anybody an Idea how to find out what I'm doing wrong?

Reply in English, Dutch or German are fine!


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Re: teach in problems wall thermostat

Beitrag von tomi_cc16 » 11.09.2018, 23:56


is the HmIP-WTH-2 new or used?
If used maybe no reset was preformed before.
Also if it's new - reset it - and try again.

Has your CCU2 the latest firmware? And was the CCU2 connected to the internet when you tried pairing?


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